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gpr37l1A western blot of mock, GPR37 and GPR37L1 transfected HEK293T cells probed with GPR37L1-2. The core protein is detected at 50 kD in GPR37L1 transfected cells only, along with a lesser band at ~30 kD. No bands are detected when the antibody is preabosrbed with the immunizing peptide.
(Image courtesy of Dr. Randy Hall)

Catalog # GPR37L1-2

Size: 100 ul hybridoma media in glycerol.

Host: Mouse (IGg1)

Known Specificity: human, mouse and rat.

Recommended Dilutions:

Western blotting 1:500-1,000

Immunohistochemistry - To be determined.

These working conditions are provided as a suggestion only. Each user should determine optimal conditions for his or her own experiment.

Source: This mouse monoclonal antibody was raised against a peptide derived from the C-terminal epitope (amino acids 466-481) of human GPR37L1 coupled to KLH. Hybridoma media was obtained from cells grown culture and concentrated by ammonium sulfate.



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