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Serotonin Transporter-human (ST51-2)

$275.00 each

SERTThis mouse monoclonal antibody displays punctate staining along fibers in regional patterns consistent with 5-HT fibers. Neurons are detected in the Dorsal/Median Raphe Nucleus.

SERT blotA western blot of monkey tissue shows regional distribution consistent with published data. Prominent bands are detected at ~92kD and ~60kD.

Catalog #ST51-2

Size: 50 ul hybridoma media in glycerol.

Host: Mouse, clone 1-4A5

Known Specificity: Human and non-human primate.

Recommended Dilutions:  IHC 1:5,000-10,000

                                 Western blotting  1:7,500-10,000

These working conditions are provided as a suggestion only. Each user should determine optimal conditions for his or her own experiment.

Source: This mouse monoclonal antibody was raised against a peptide from the N-terminus coupled to KLH by the addition of an N-terminal cysteine. Hybridoma media was obtained from cells grown in a bioreactor.

NEW recombinant human (Ab02547-10.0 and Ab02547-10.3) and rabbit (Ab02547-23.0) serotonin transporter (ST51-2) antibody!











(All papers reference our antibody)


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