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MGR3-02 blot smallThe anti-mGluR3-02 antibody robustly detects mGluR3 in both transfected cells and mouse brain lysates, but not in mock or mGluR2 transfected cells. Both the monomeric and oligomeric versions of mGluR3 are detected at approximately 100 kD and 250 kD respectively (lanes 3 and 4). However, some nonspecific labeling is observed below 75 kD in HEK293 cell lysates, as evidenced by the staining detected in the mock lysate (lane 1). (Image courtsey of Dr. Randy Hall)

Catalog # GRM3-2

Size: 50 ul hybridoma media in glycerol.

Host: Mouse (IGg1)

Known Specificity: human, mouse and rat.

Recommended Dilutions:

Western blotting 1:15,000

Immunohistochemistry - To be determined.

These working conditions are provided as a suggestion only. Each user should determine optimal conditions for his or her own experiment.

Source: This mouse monoclonal antibody was raised against a peptide derived from the C-terminal epitope (amino acids 851-865) of human mGluR3 coupled to KLH. Hybridoma media was obtained from cells grown in culture and concentrated by ammonium sulfate.




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