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Drosophila Argonaute 3

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Ago3--IHCsm(click image for larger view with labels) Immunocytochemical staining of Argonaute3 in Drosophila ovaries using Ago3-3 at 1:3,000-5,000.
(Picture courtesy of Dr. Peng Jin)

Ago3--blotA western blot of Drosophila ovaries stained with anit-Argonaute3 (Ago3-3) at 1:2,000.
(Picture courtesy of Dr. Peng Jin)

Catalog # Ago3-3

Size: 100 ul rabbit sera in glycerol

Host: Rabbit

Known Specificity: Drosophila. Not tested in other species.

Recommended Dilutions:

Western blotting 1:2,000

Immunohistochemistry 1:3,000-5,000

These working conditions are provided as a suggestion only. Each user should determine optimal conditions for his or her own experiment.

Source: This rabbit antibody was raised against a GST fusion protein.











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